Oahu Tips & Safety

Honolulu is a relatively flat city with predictable traffic patterns but here are a few
things to keep in mind while you explore:

- Heading West from Waikiki will take you closer to Downtown, with denser traffic
on the roads.  

- Heading East from Waikiki will take you closer to Diamond head, which has less
traffic and more access to great beaches.  Going around Diamond Head also
means traversing some hilly terrain, but it is well worth it.  We always recommend
going around Diamond Head on the southern route, both for the ease of the
terrain and the great scenery.

- Heading inland on the island always involves heading towards higher elevations,
which means more uphill terrain on the way there and more downhill on the way
home, as well as the possibility of more moisture on the roads.

- Heading inland means encountering more moisture and a higher chance of rain.  
The mountain air is sweet and refreshing.  Just be sure to go prepared.  Speaking
of weather, YOU ARE IN THE TROPICS!  Please wear a hat and plenty of
sunscreen as you explore around the island.  Most commercial sun screens will
do fine but the best sun screens can be found at local surf shops.

- Did we mention that you are in the tropics?  Drink plenty of water!  The area
around Waikiki is quite dry and dehydration can sneak up on you very quickly.

- Our beautiful ocean is a magical resource for all to enjoy but please be aware of
your own abilities and those in your group.  Water safety is a serious issue here in
the islands so be sure to enjoy the ocean in a safe and responsible manner.  
"When in doubt, don't go out!"

- Please be respectful of the atmosphere you find at "local" spots.  Many local
spots are governed by unwritten rules that are easy to figure out if you pay
attention to the atmosphere.  For example, some beaches may be perfect for
screaming kids and families but others may be where locals go for a quiet day of

- We may live in paradise but like other metropolitan areas, property theft in
Honolulu can be a problem.  Be sure to keep a close eye on your bikes and
belongings at all times and do not leave items unattended.
Terrain and Traffic
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Order waikiki bicycle rentals now online
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call today to order (808) 391 9195
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