How to get there
Kahala Resort & Dolphins
Please note that all distances are measured from the center of Waikiki, so final distance from your hotel may vary by plus or minus 0.7 of a mile
Kahala Resort and dolphins

5 miles via the southern route around Diamond Head. "The Kahala Hotel &
Resort's 26,000 square foot natural lagoon is home to a family of playful
Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The Dolphin Quest trainers offer daily
education programs where guests can experience these animals up-close,
and understand what makes them unique. At The Kahala you have the
chance to have face-to-face, in-water contact with these intelligent and  
fascinating creatures. The encounter gives guests an unforgettable glimpse
into the lives of dolphins in a beautiful environment that blends fun,
inspiration and education." There is a nice beach up front where you can sit
down, relax and enjoy the beach-side Restaurant.
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Order waikiki bicycle rentals now online
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call today to order (808) 391 9195