Honolulu Hawaii is truly paradise, but just as in other metropolitan areas around the world,
property theft can be a problem...  

So be sure to keep your bicycle secure by following a few simple steps:

1.  When out and about, bicycles should be locked to the bicycle shaped bicycle racks that are
spread throughout the city.  If no locking station is available, you may have to get creative.

2.  Do not lock your bike to street signs!!  This is illegal and the police may seize your bicycle.  

3.  If no locking station is available and you have to get creative, please be considerate of others.  
Do not lock your bicycle to someone else's personal property.  Do not block pedestrian or
automotive traffic with your locked bike.

4.  If no locking station is available, be aware of what your are locking your bicycle to.  For
example, if you lock your bike to a chain link fence, the fence can be easily cut and the bicycle
removed.  If you lock your bike to a low post, the bike can be lifted off the post and ridden off.  
Your lock is only as strong as what you lock it to.

5.  When possible, ALWAYS lock your bike up at night on your hotel's bicycle rack.  If your hotel
does not have a bicycle rack, speak with your Hotel Concierge to see if they can accommodate
your bicycle on the hotel grounds and encourage them to offer a bicycle rack for their guests.  
If a bicycle rack is not available and the concierge cannot provide an acceptable alternative, lock
your bicycle to one of the bicycle-shaped locking stations on the sidewalk.  There are usually two
locking stations on each city block.

6.  Your bicycle from Waikiki Bike Rentals is individually licensed and registered with the city of
Honolulu.  Your bicycle has a yellow sticker that shows its license and registration numbers.  
If you find that this sticker has been damaged or removed, please contact us immediately and we
will exchange your bike for another one.
How to Secure Your Bike
Honolulu Bike Rack
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Order waikiki bicycle rentals now online
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call today to order (808) 391 9195
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