1.  A bicycle LANE is a marked lane on a street that is designated for bicycle traffic.  A
bicycle PATH is a path that is not on a street and may include pedestrian traffic.  

2.  When traveling on a roadway or in a bike LANE, bicycle riders must ride in single file.  
When traveling on a bicycle PATH, riders may ride two abreast as long as doing so does
not obstruct traffic in either direction.

3.  Riding bicycles on sidewalks in "business districts" including Waikiki and Downtown
Honolulu is prohibited.  There are also areas of Honolulu that are not business districts but
have signs prohibiting riding on the sidewalks.  In all areas where riding on the sidewalk is
prohibited a rider may walk alongside his/her bike on the sidewalk.

4.  Bicycle riders using roads must always ride with traffic, not against it.

5.  When traveling slower than the automobile traffic, bicycle riders are required to rides as
close to the right hand curb of the road as practical.  A rider may cross into other traffic
lanes when making a left hand turn, avoiding obstacles or passing a vehicle or rider.  

6.  If riding on a ONE WAY street that has two lanes, the rider may ride on either the far
right or far left side of the street.

7.  Bicycles may not be ridden on pedestrian overpasses or underpasses.  

8.  All bicycle riders under the age of 16 are required to wear bicycle helmets that are
properly fastened.  This includes riders in child seats and bicycle trailers.

9.  Bicycles may not be ridden by more than one rider unless they are designed and
equipped to do so.
Honolulu has strict bicycle laws that should be followed at all times
This is a summary of local bike laws.
Honolulu Bike Laws
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